Community Involvement through Affinity Renewables

Partnering on wind projects to help community groups (and animals in need): Affinity Renewables

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has identified a unique ownership opportunity for a “community” entity to own qualified renewable energy projects. The Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) program is based on a set price per kilowatt hour, defined financing structure and company ownership rules for entities to provide renewable power to the local electrical system.

Affinity Renewables Inc. is a limited liability company formed by the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Reuben Burge’s role is to work with the SPCA to develop a sustainable wind energy business to provide a reliable annual income to the charity. The SPCA currently donates a percentage of its earnings to other charities. The intention is that this practice will continue under Affinity and that other local charities in need may qualify for a share of the annual income generated.

Some of the specific organizations Affinity has helped and will continue to donate to are:  Central Nova Horse and Pony Association; Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition; Chron's and Colitis Canada; Granton SPCA; benefit fundraisers for local residents; IWK Children's Fund; Kemptown Community Centre; Alma Fire Department; MOTUS Wildlife Tracking Project; New Glasgow Dragon Boat Festival, Truro's Atom A Bearcats and more to come.

Local Contractors

A big Thank You to local contractors who have worked deligently to support and help with all aspects of wind projects.  Without the hard work and expertise of local contractors, RMSenergy's projects would not be what they are today.  RMSenergy, Rotor Mechanical Services and Affinity Renewables strive to use local contractors in every possible faucet of project development, construction and operations. 

Land Owner Support

A special thanks to the land owners who have supported our projects and developments with RMSenergy and Affinity Renewables.  A key factor in wind projects is where the turbines are going to be placed.  Without the support and cooperation of dedicated and trusted land owners, the projects would not be able to be possible.