Clydesdale Ridge

Work undertaken on the Clydesdale Ridge wind resource includes the installation and monitoring of a meteorological tower (see below) and the hiring of biologists, botanists and birders to study the area.

The Clydesdale Ridge project gained Environmental Assessment approval from the Nova Scotia Minister of Environment in August 2012.

Mapping and planning are also being carried out in the early stages of developing a project that could be the same size as the Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm. Dalhousie annually generates 175 gigawatt hours of clean, renewable electricity, enough to supply power to over 20,000 Nova Scotia homes.

Work on Clydesdale is in response to an upcoming Request for Proposals for over 300 GWh annually to satisfy Nova Scotia's 2015 renewable energy targets.

The purpose of a meteorlogical tower is to gather information on wind speed, direction and other key data needed to help determine the viability of a new wind development.

Project Stats
  • 49 MW Production
  • Operation start Predeveloped
  • Owner: Rotor Mechanical Services LTD