Power Generation Status

Current conditions

-6 °C8 km/h

At this moment we are powering
2,880 homes

Rotor Mechanical Services

Rotor Mechanical Services is a full service wind turbine maintenance company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our operations include: development, construction, operations, and maintenance of large-scale wind turbines.

Powering Communities
(with more than just electricity)

Simon the Golden Retriever
SPCA Partnership

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Hector Commission 20k Cheque
Giving back to the community

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justin turbine
Powering Young Minds

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RMS Energy Dalhousie Mountain

Our 51 MW wind farm located in Mount Thom providing energy for consumption across Nova Scotia.

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Affinity Wind

Limerock, Greenfield, Kemptown, and Fitzpatrick, our four COMFIT projects powering the local communities surrounding each project.

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Featured Projects

Dalhousie Mountain

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COMFIT Projects Overview

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