Powering Young Minds

We offer a combination of school and college/university tours of the Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm and an outreach presentation program for elementary/middle schools.


School/Group Tours

We offer tours to all ages of students, from elementary up to college/university level.

- Students are bused out or drive to our shop, where we introduce the wind farm, describe our operations, and answer any questions.

- Following this intro, which typically lasts about half an hour, we get the students to carpool or take the bus, and we lead them up to the wind farm (a five minute drive).

- Once on the site, we provide appropriate safety equipment (Helmets, etc), and generally provide both an outside talk and take small groups at a time into the base of the machine we stopped at. This typically lasts about an hour.

- Students are expected to wear covered footwear for the tour, and please dress up warm as it is often surprisingly cold due to the wind.


If you would like to organize a tour for your school or group, please contact us and we'll be happy to schedule it with you as time permits.


In-School Presentations

One of our Senior Technicians, Jim Roycroft, has created an in-school presentation for young students. The presentation involves:

- A working scale model of a wind turbine that actually generates electricity.

- A powerpoint presentation involving photos and videos as learning aids.

- The presentation is tailored every time for each grade level, but generally involves an overview of the power of the wind, how electricity is made, a typical day for a Turbine Technician, and all the major pieces that go together to make a Wind Turbine. 

- Children get to see what it's like to climb up in a turbine, using a series of photos. They also get to see a time-lapse video of a turbine being constructed.


If you are interested in a presentation for your school, please contact us and we'll work to find a good time as our workload permits.