Dalhousie Mountain

Built on time, under budget, and exceeding contract commitments.

December 31, 2009 was a historic day for wind energy in Nova Scotia. On that date, the 51-megawatt Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm achieved commercial operation and became the largest wind farm in the province.

Its 34 turbines generate over 175,000 megawatt hours of clean, renewable energy:  enough to power 20,000 residences year-round. That's more electricity than is needed to provide light, heat and hot water to all the homes in Pictou County, where the wind farm is located.

RMS completed the $130-million project on time and under budget to become the only company in the 2007 Request for Proposals to meet the 2009 target completion date.

On the Dalhousie project, RMS partnered with Firelight Infrastructure Partners LP, a Canadian company that invests in North American renewable energy projects.  Firelight provided a significant amount of capital after RMS won a power purchase agreement that included a 25-year contract to provide electricity to the Nova Scotia power grid.

The RMSenergy Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm has been operating since 2009 and exceeding the energy commitment of its contract.

RMSenergy Ltd. is a Nova Scotia company that handled all the pre-development work and currently oversees the project.

The wind farm provides local employment and also contributes to improved local air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases. The annual reductions in carbon dioxide from wind energy, compared with coal-generated electricity, would be the equivalent of removing the emissions from an estimated 150,000 car tank fillings of gas.

Among the benefits of wind energy are that it is clean, local, and renewable. 

Project Stats
  • 51 MW Production
  • Operation start 2009
  • Owner: RMS Energy Dalhousie Mountain L.P.
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