SPCA Partnership

Affinity Renewables is a partnership formed between RMSenergy and the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).  

Reuben Burge, President of Affinity Renewables and RMSenergy, worked with the SPCA to develop a sustainable wind energy business for the benefit of the charity.This partnership qualifies under the Nova Scotia Department of Energy's COMFIT program. This program provides a unique opportunity for “community” based entities to own qualified renewable energy projects. COMFIT allows for the SPCA to receive a stable funding source for a 20 year period. 

Along with helping animals in need, the SPCA independently donates a percentage of its earnings to other charity organizations. For more information on the SPCA, please visit their website: spcans.ca and spcans.ca/affinity-renewables/